"My wife is a drug addict. I can't leave my children home alone with her. But I need to go to work to support them. What do I do?"

A father of two toddlers phoned CPI to ask for help. His wife had become addicted to methamphetamines and he was afraid to leave the children home alone during the day.

"I've never been a parent. But their mom died and now I need to take care of them."

CPI received a school referral regarding two recently enrolled children who were being cared for by their aunt. They had recently arrived from another city and were now in the aunt's custody.

"I'm at the end of my rope. Where do I turn?"

A mother referred to CPI by her child's school nurse expressed feelings of exasperation and anger with her family situation.

"It worked! And I didn't have to yell at her. . ."

During CPI parenting classes, parents are asked to share stories about something they have learned. One mother told about driving to the store with her five-year-old daughter.